About us

Hi, we are United Essentials

… and we are a dynamic and creative manufacturer/importer in a wide range of categories.

If it is made from textile or related to textile, we can produce it for you.

Our aim is to offer clients the possibility to buy more than just textiles based on a design or character. A well set up concept that is more than just a fashionable t-shirt for a beautiful summer day, but a concept that includes a matching towel, slippers, cap, bikini, and a bag for a complete day at the beach.

We are

A team of creative minds and young spirits

By literally sourcing all around the world, we always exactly know where we get the right product for the best price.

We are young (or feel young anyway), creative thinkers, enjoy open communication and we have decades of experience in the international world of retail.

This allows us to work with a wide range of brands and licenses.

This is

What we do

As our logo suggests we really are the link between factories, brands/licenses and European retailers or wholesalers.

In everything we do, we strive to unite idea and realisation.

With us, you are talking to real people that value open communication over pretending that nothing ever turns out differently than expected.

We know what is going on in the market and we are able to respond quickly, making us a true one-stop shop that takes the entire process off your hands. From product pitch to import and from design to distribution.

We are proud of

Our approach

First you encounter our design team. They are the ones who develop the most creative and appealing designs that will make your customers smile. They are not satisfied until every detail is to your liking and matches your vision.

Then, our product managers go to work. They choose from our manufacturers the ones that suit you best and they make sure that all tests and samples are up to standard. They involve you in every step of the process and will not rest until everything meets your expectations.

And last, but certainly not least, our logistics team swings into action. They arrange all shipping and they work together with your warehouse to ensure that all runs smoothly. It almost seems like magic at times, but they never fail to get everything to you at the right time.

We stand for

Social Compliance and Environment

We love our work! Creating beautiful products and working for successful labels, that’s what makes us happy. However, we are well aware that we have a responsibility to leave the earth in a good state for our children.

How de we ensure this ?

  • By actively striving for environment friendly, FSC sourced packaging for the products we do make
  • By working with recyclable materials as much as possible – and choosing the best alternative when that is not yet possible
  • By very carefully selecting the manufacturers with which we do and do not work

We also expect our factories to be audited according to the ILO conventions, FAMA and BSCI standards. During the production process our products are being inspected and tested by our local Quality Control according to REACH and/or customer standards.

We proudly present

The faces behind United Essentials

We could say that we only recruit from the top universities and finest institutions… But that would not be accurate. We value experience in the world of textiles, passion, honesty, and a truly open mind. People that work hard, but still have a personal life and are having fun along the way. We enjoy having a team that consists of characters!

Logistics is my superpower, what’s yours?


Can we administrate it? Yes we can!


A little bit of pink can upgrade any design.


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Your face here?

Did you ever try making new designs while driving a motorcycle?


The living example that knowledge doesn’t always comes with age.


I’m silently creating a spreadsheet for that.


They call me a product manager because ‘freaking awesome’ is not an official job title.


If you wanna impress me with your car, it better be a food truck.


The bigger the dream, the more important the team!


Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first!


I am silently judging your font choice.


Creating something new every day isn’t for everybody. I am doing it in style and on trend. 🙂


To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid.


I’m 80% glitter and 20% sparkle


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