As a producer and designer for others, our name is almost never on the products we create. And we are perfectly okay with that.

We are happiest when we see our clients sell out their collections quickly and when our products are the basis of a good promotion in our customers’ stores. But there is one little drawback: our work remains somewhat invisible. We are, however, very proud of what our (small) team manages to achieve.

This is why we would like to tell you more about some of the projects that have put a smile on our faces!


Andre hazes collection @ LIDL

Bing @ terStal

Keith Haring @ America Today

Matzy & Friends collection by Britt Dekker @ AH

Lekker Fred kitchen collection @ AH

Comfy Home @ Big Bazar

Love is… collection for Mothersday @ Lidl.

Lucky Bastard @ Smit & Co

15th East Dock @ …(to be revealed soon)