A picture says more than a thousand words. Especially if it is a picture of a (online) character we know well or one from a brand we love.

For all of our (textile) products, we work together with a wide selection of brands. For children ánd for adults. Established, iconic names and upcoming brands. Internationally known names ánd locally cherished labels.


The greatest opportunities lie where no one is looking yet.

Take a peek at our new ‘hot’ properties!





Many characters are beloved and recognisable, whether they were created more than 90 years ago or they just recently became famous.

That’s why we don’t send anyone into retirement as long as there are people who love and connect them 🙂

With our international distribution channels, we bring these world-famous characters into the homes of people all over Europe.

Pre-school characters

Our childhood is shaped by the toys we play with, the (TV) series we watch and the games we play.

Our toddler and pre-school portfolio is designed to perfectly match the perception of 2-6 year old children.

This way we can bring their favourite characters from online to life.



Inspired by Japanese animations, anime is a specific style of cartoons that is incredibly recognisable.

This unique style is quickly gaining popularity in Europe, which is why we have some of the most well-known and sought-after licences in our portfolio.



With a whopping 3.1 billion gamers around the world and the growing popularity of eSports, this category is here to stay and make a lasting impact.

An entire generation is growing up with online gaming, which means that this particular group of licences will only become increasingly more important in attracting new customers.


Are you a Monica or a Phoebe? Did The Matrix blow you away, or where you crying when E.T. was trying to ‘phone home’?
Did Friday the 13th keep you up all night?

Films and series can leave a lifelong impression on us.


Some brands are more than just a name, they have charisma. People automaticaly identify with these kind of brands.

They understand your mood and sometimes even your style !

Or maybe you just want a T-shirt of the band that played at your first live music concert.


Sport, another thing people put their hearts into.

That is why we work with iconic sport brands that represent quality and style and football clubs that are part of the European elite.



Seeing is believing. Please find the details of some reallife examples below.

Bing @ terStal

Love is… @ LIDL

Keith Haring @ America Today

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