Mothersday collection of Love is… at LIDL

We have been a licensee of the Dutch ‘Love is…'(NL: ‘Liefde is…’) for several years now. We think ‘Liefde is…’ is a wonderful brand, because it is based on something real. In the late 1960’s Kim Grove started writing little letters of love for her fiancé Roberto. She ‘signed’ them with funny little drawings of her and Roberto.

That this idea is still valued by millions of people is evidenced by the fact that today – over fifty years later – the cartoons are still published every day in newspapers all over the world.


As licensees, we are always looking for nice opportunities to make new items, preferably in cooperation with the brand itself.

So for Valentine’s Day 2022 we thought it would be nice to set up a promotion at LIDL and together with the brand we pitched it to LIDL.

LIDL ‘loved’ the idea :-), but in their annual planning it worked out better to do the launch around Mother’s Day. No problem of course, we are nothing if not flexible.


Together with LIDL’s buying team, we designed a wide range of products: from bathrobes and home slippers to kitchen textiles and tableware. Everything themed around ‘breakfast as a family moment’.

We then supervised the entire production and took a large part of the logistics out of LIDL’s hands. Production took place in three different countries, so we collected and stored all deliveries in our own facilities. Once everything was in, we combined and sorted the different items. All LIDL had to do was distribute from our storage to their own 450 stores.

In terms of promotion, LIDL gave the collection a lot of attention in their own folder which is distributed nationally to all households in the Netherlands. The products were also given a prominent place in the stores so that they were easy for customers to find.

This collection was a pleasant surprise for the customers of LIDL and proved to be a great success.