Lekker Fred kitchen collection exclusively at Albert Heijn

Most Dutch people know Freddy Tratlehner mainly as ‘Vjeze Fur’, rapper of the popular band ‘De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig’. But Freddy does more than that. As he says himself, “I can express my creativity both in music and in cooking”.

His cookbooks ‘Lekker Fred’ and ‘Lekker Fred in het land’ as well as his online cooking videos are extremely popular.

So things are going well for Fred.

So well that he decided it was time to expand…..


That’s why he chose to develop his kitchen collection ‘Lekker Fred’ with us.

Our client ‘Albert Heijn’ recognized the potential of Fred’s collection, because they repeatedly saw his cookbooks sell out in their stores. This was reason enough for them to choose to sell the ‘Lekker Fred’ collection exclusively in their stores.

As is clear by now: Fred is a creative, and a boss. So there was no chance that he wouldn’t get involved in the design of the products.

Fortunately, it is a pleasure to work with Fred. Our designers (working together with Creatorsdock) enjoyed Fred’s enthusiasm and his unique perspective.

Together they designed an exclusive clothing line, as well as an assortment of kitchen supplies: mugs, cups, bowls, oven mitts and even garlands.


Albert Heijn took care of the promotion and interviewed Fred for their nationally published and widely read magazine ‘Allerhande’, in combination with a social media campaign.

Naturally, Fred also told his 100,000+ followers about his collection on social media.

Our task was to make sure that everything was produced under the highest quality standards and that everything was delivered in an appealing display to the stores.

We were happy to hear that both Fred and Albert Heijn considered it a job well done !