America Today presents the Keith Haring collection

Keith Haring was an artist who started his career by drawing on empty billboards in New York. His fame grew quickly, but his methods remained unique.

One of his main motivations was to make non-commercial art for everyone and he decorated many public buildings.

In his own store, Haring had been selling shirts with his designs on them, so this concept had already proved to be successful.

America Today is a Dutch fashion chain that is always looking for new and refreshing collections, which makes it a lot of fun to brainstorm with them about the possibilities and opportunities.

We search for ideas that appeal to them: concepts that fit well within their existing range, but that are also innovative. A challenging match to find!

It was an adventurous choice to pick Keith Haring’s creations for a new T-shirt collection, and we made sure to source the T-shirts from one of our most trusted factories and delivered everything in a timely fashion.

And luckily so, because the collection sold out quickly and in doing so it had the impact America Today was aiming for.