The André Hazes collection, presented by LIDL

André Hazes is a musical legend in the Netherlands. Despite his death in 2004, his music can still be heard every day on radio and television.

In honour of what would have been his 70th birthday, we partnered with LIDL to celebrate his legacy in June 2021.

Our own design team – in collaboration with design company Creatorsdock – teamed up with André’s widow Rachel Hazes. This resulted in a collection with a classic black and white look and feel.


Because of our good contact with the heirs of Hazes, it was possible to use some of his his original lyrics in the designs.

Hazes means a lot to a lot of people, so we made sure that throughout the process we were in touch with every stakeholder at every step.

Both the products and the designs, but also the packaging had to have a ‘look and feel’ that would meet everyone’s expectations.


We were well underway with the production when LIDL asked us if we could also provide the actual music as an addition to the collection.

After the heirs agreed, Universal Music cooperated in the creation of a unique record. This one-time release of a limited edition LP immediately became a desirable object for all André Hazes fans.


LIDL decided to set up a nationwide marketing campaign with POS materials, radio advertising, TV spots and printed advertising.

All in all, this resulted in all items being as good as sold out at the end of the first day they were in the stores.

It is of course great to see that a campaign evokes such a large response, but unfortunately this also always leads to people not having the opportunity to buy what they would have liked.

This is something we will keep in mind for next time, so that our stock management and production will be even better matched to consumer demand 🙂